Your legacy is what you do that outlasts you.

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Legacy Giving Opportunities

Giving through your will or trust

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Bequest Advantages:

  • No immediate cash flow impact
  • Preserves access to assets just in case
  • Changeable before death
  • Can give a specific asset or a % of your net estate
  • Can be conditional
  • May save estate taxes

Giving from your IRA now

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QCD IRA Rollover Gift Advantages:

  • Reduces your taxable income
  • Counts as part of your annual, required minimum distribution
  • Great for non-itemizers
  • Saves heirs potential income taxes
  • Simple

Giving from your investment portfolio

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Stock and Mutual Funds Gift Advantages:

  • One of the lowest cost gifts
  • Available income tax deduction for the current value of the stock or mutual fund shares
  • No capital gains tax paid on the transfer
  • Virtually immediately available to the charity

Giving from your retirement plan later

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Beneficiary Designation Advantages:

  • Simple to establish
  • No immediate cash flow impact
  • Preserves access to assets just in case
  • Changeable before death
  • Can give a specific amount or a % of the account
  • Can be conditional
  • Saves heirs potential income taxes

More Legacy Giving Opportunities

Giving Cash

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Debit, Credit Card & Bank Account Advantages:

  • Quick and immediate 
  • Ability to give by debit or credit card or bank account ACH transfer online
  • Ability to mail a check or money order
  • Available income tax deduction

Giving with life insurance

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Life Insurance Gift Advantages:

  • Simple – no lawyers
  • Lower cost major gift
  • Give the policy or give by beneficiary designation
  • Preserves access to other assets 
  • Changeable before death if by beneficiary designation

Giving from a donor-advised fund

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Donor Advised Fund Grant advantages

  • Simple
  • Ability to remain completely anonymous if desired
  • Ability to schedule or spread out your giving
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Giving real estate now

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Real Estate Gift Advantages:

  • Can be home, vacation home, investment/commercial property, farm or vacant land
  • Income tax deduction based on qualified appraised value
  • No capital gains tax paid on the transfer

Giving real estate & “keeping it”

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Life Estate Advantages:

  • Removes the home or farm from the estate
  • Immediate, partial income tax deduction
  • No capital gains on the transfer 
  • You can continue to live in or use during your lifetime

Giving part of your business

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Closely Held Stock Gift Advantages:
  • Can be helpful with succession planning
  • Reduces capital gain taxes
  • Available income tax deduction

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Recently, David served as the exclusive charitable consultant for Gale Cengage library clients offering Career Online High School (COHS) across the country and has authored the COHS Fundraising Toolkit for libraries.

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